Friday, May 30, 2014

White Summer Essentials

white summer essentials

Hi Lovlies,
Finally its Friday! I dont understand how fast my week off passed :( Anyway, we still have the weekend so cheer up! When celebrating the upcoming weekend ; I would like to share with you my summer essentials in white colour! Each of these items will perfectly fit your look and look trendy. Keep in mind during your shopping! Thanks for visiting and commenting :) xoxo

Merhaba dostlar,
Sonunda Cuma! Izinliyim diye midir nedir, bu hafta çok hızlı geçti :( Ama hala bir haftasonu var önümüzde o yüzden neşelenelim! Ve hafta sonuna girerken sizlerle bu yazın olmazsa olmazı beyazları paylaşmak istedim. Beyazlar yazlık kombinlerin zaten vazgeçilmez parcasi. Bu beyazlardan birini kullanirsaniz ayrıca cok da trend olmuş olursunuz. Ziyaret ettiğiniz ve yorum bıraktığınız için teşekkürler :) xoxo




Monday, May 26, 2014

The German Fountain


Hi Lovlies,
I  had a great day in Sultanahmet (Istanbul) last Saturday with my one of best friends. She shooted these pics for me :) For the ones who visited Istanbul already would know that Sultanahmet is one the most popular touristic places; where most of the monuments take place in and around. Here; you can see The German Fountain which was a present from Germans to Ottoman during early 1900s, one of my favourites. My outfit was comforty with my new Nike trainers; so in love with the neon colours! Also suitable for summer, yes finally its summer and we dont need tights any more :) Kisses for now, xoxo.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bodrum Trip


 As you may already know by my previous posts or instagram feed; I have had a few days in Bodrum last month and I couldnt have chance to put some pictures on my blog. So here they are, I wanted to collect them at once actually. Bodrum is an amazing place to have summer vacation ; you can find some more information here and here. As the wheather was not warm enough to swim; we have only landscape pictures; hope you enjoy. Kisses, xoxo

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Red & Black

 Hello Lovlies, 
Sorry for radio silence, I am tired as dead! This week was extremely busy and couldnt catch up the new posts or instagram feeds or anything. This post has delayed a bit, I was planning to publish it on Thursday but here I am :) This was my second day outfit at Poland, wearing red Mango shirt with Zara coated denim. I love my studded shoes which was a great bargain at winter sales of Zara! Hope next week I will be around more, fingers crossed:) Till then, take care; xoxo. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

What Happened in April

Hello all,
Here is the traditional monthly recap of my life, mostly by the pics I shared on Instagram. I have some outfit pics at hand and hopefully will publish them soon. Stay tuned and keep in touch; xoxo
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