Sunday, April 27, 2014

Poland - Katowice outfit

Hi Lovlies,
While I am having my first vacation of the year in Bodrum, I would like to share my outfit of Poland visit with you. This very first day; we have woken up early to catch our flight to Katowice from Warsaw; which is  a small but very European city. I have unfortunately a few pics only from the city and will share them with you soon. I need some time to sort out the pics and edit them. Kisses for now, xoxo

Monday, April 21, 2014

My super lovely Superga!

Hi Lovlies,
How was your weekend? Here is the first outfit post with my super cool Superga shoes! I am just in love with them so thanks to my friends for this amazing birthday present. They are so comfortable and due to glitters I find them also chic; so I think they are going to be my everyday shoes without any doubt  in summer:) Tomorrow I am leaving for a business trip to Poland and I am hoping to come back with cool pictures. After this trip; I am opening my holiday season with Bodrum; which is a very favourite place in Turkey by Aegean sea. You can follow me on instagram here to keep up live! I will not be around for 10 days. I wish you a comfortable week! Keep in touch; xoxo

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Green Day!

Hi Lovlies, 
I wanted to share this GREEN look with you and am wondering if you like it or not:) One of my good friend said its too green overall but I like the look as it reminds me of spring. Now all gardens are green and lots of flowers around. I am so positive about life and happy as the warm weather is finally here! Shouldn't we thank God for each breath we are able to take, so what to do for the spring we reached :) Take care and enjoy spring as much as I do! Kisses, xoxo

Friday, April 11, 2014

stripe spring style

Hi Lovlies,
How would you style up a stripe tee in spring? My offers are here. A sporty chic with bf jeans, blazer and stiletto; young sporty with skater skirt and sweatshirt and lastly a biker mood with leather legging and Chanel rain boots. I actually have a Zara stripe tee waiting in my wardrobe to be worn and shooted but as my work is quite overloaded these days; I am not able to share enough time for my blog. I am really sorry for this guys! Hope your week is going cool; hey just to remind you, today is TGIF! Keep in touch, xoxo. 

Merhaba dostlar,
Cizgili tshirtu bahar için nasıl kombinlerdiniz? Benim seçimlerim bu şekilde; blazer ve boyfriend jeansi stiletto ile kombinleyerek çok spor ve çok şık olabilir; skater etek ve sweatle daha genç bir şıklık yaratabilir ya da deri tayt ve Chanel yağmur botları ile asi bir şıklık yakalayabilirsiniz. Aslında benim de dolabımda aylar önce aldığım ve henüz çekimini yapamadığım bir Zara çizgili tshirtum var ama bu aralar iş o kadar yoğun ki kafamı kaldıracak vakit bulamıyorum. Gerçekten üzgünüm bunun için:(  Umarım haftanız iyi geçiyordur ve benden hatırlatması (hani ben hatırlatmazsam olmaz ya :)) ; bugün Cumaaaa! Görüşmek üzere, xoxo


stripe spring style

stripe spring style, leydijonjon tarafından Topshop ile yaratıldı

Thursday, April 3, 2014

What Happened in March

Hi Lovlies,
As the March ended, here is my recap of the month. This month we have 4 cool outfits, 1DIY Project, 1giveaway on instagram (to only Turkish followers due to my limitation of sending parcel), 1 trip to Russia/Siberia, my birthday and lots of more on the blog and on instagram. I hope your time has gone well this month too. Keep in touch, xoxo

Merhaba Dostlar,
Bir ay daha biterken ben de sizlerle bu ayın özetini paylaşmak isterim. Bu ay sizlerle hem blogda hem instagramda; 4 outfit, 1 Kendin yap projesi, instagram üzerinden 1 çekiliş, Rusya/Sibirya'ya bir seyahat, doğumgünüm ve daha bir çoklarını paylaştım. Umarım sizin de ayınız güzel geçmiştir. Görüşmek üzere, xoxo...


Some Inspirations

I am just in love with this denim and tee // Bu denime ve tshirte hastayım (Post: Shopping w/Celine tee)

What about my shoes? // Ayakkabılarım nasıl? (Post: Black and Gold)

My 1st outfit with DIY-ripped denim // Kendi yaptığım yırtık kotla ilk outfitim (Siberia outfit- 1)

My Tommy Outfit // Tommy kombinim (Siberia outfit - 2 )

Reminding my outfits on instagram // instagramda outfitlerimi hatırlatma

Reminding my previous outfit on instagram // Daha da eski outfitlerimi instagramda hatırlattım 

My favourite shooting :) // En favori pozum :)
My DIY ripped denim Project (post here) // Kendin yap yırtık kot projem (post burda) 

My giveaway on instagram for Turkish followers-sorry my int. followers :( // Türkiye ve KKTC'deki takipçilerim için instagramda yaptığım çekilişte hediye ettiğim bileklik

A pic from my previous St.Petersburg visit // Daha önceki aylarda yaptığım St.Petersburg gezisinden bir foto

One of my favourite pics from Paris visit last spring // Geçen baharda yaptığım Paris seyahatinden bir foto

One of my favourite pics from Paris visit last spring // Geçen baharda yaptığım Paris seyahatinden bir foto

Siberia River Ob- frozen, visited this month // Bu ayki Sibirya seyahatimden bir foto - donmuş Ob nehri

A cathedral at Novosibirsk / Siberia, visited this month // Novosibirsk Sibiryada bir katedral

My birthday celebrations started on Friday and ended on Saturday evening // Cuma akşamı başlayan ve cumartesi akşam biten doğumgünü kutlamalarım

My birthday presents :) // Doğumgünü hediyelerim :)
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