Monday, October 14, 2013

Winter shopping - Let it begin!

The days is the day of shopping; meaning the happiest times of the week. My winter coat and boots are ready. I started shopping early this year as I will be visiting St.Petersburg in a short time and it is already winter there.
I also got a PU biker vest and a chain necklace which I will picture later. I still need a floral sweatshirt with slogan and also statement necklace. Cant go on without them :) but I was far too tired to find the best option for me.

I got the coat from Mango - belted feather down long coat. You can find the link below. I am totally confident it will keep me warm in Russia.

My boots are from a local brand Desa. I couldnt find a link online so pls see the pictures of my own shoot as below. The most comfortable high heels I have so far.


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