Sunday, April 27, 2014

Poland - Katowice outfit

Hi Lovlies,
While I am having my first vacation of the year in Bodrum, I would like to share my outfit of Poland visit with you. This very first day; we have woken up early to catch our flight to Katowice from Warsaw; which is  a small but very European city. I have unfortunately a few pics only from the city and will share them with you soon. I need some time to sort out the pics and edit them. Kisses for now, xoxo

Merhaba Dostlar,
Ben yılın ilk tatilini yapmak üzere Bodrum'da iken; sizlerle Polonya seyahatimin ilk kombinini paylaşmak istedim. Bu ilk gün, Varsova'dan Katowice'e uçmak için çok erken kalkmıştık. Katowice küçük ancak çok Avrupai bir şehir, malasef şehirden sadece birkaç fotoğrafım var yine de bunları yakında paylaşacağım. fotoğrafları seçmek ve editlemek için biraz vakte ihtiyacım var. Şimdilik hoşçakalın, öptüm; xoxo.

Stripe tee // Çizgili Tshirt : Zara
Jeans : Gap
Shoes // Ayakkabılar: Superga
Bag // Çanta : Accessorize
Necklace // Kolye : Primark




PİSİMEL said...

Çok hoş :)

Gupse Anastasiou said...

Bayildim bayildim, superga ve cantan muthis ❤️

Jackie Harrison said...

You look trendy and fabulous.

rebeltakipte said...

harika görünüyorsun, bu arada çantaya bayıldım <3

Iwona said...

follow you;)

photo-mystyle said...

thank you very much for a nice comment! :) Of course I follow back! Great photos :)

Rachna Priyanka said...

Love the metaliic bag! You look very comfortable yet classy!


Bademle Buduk said...

iyi tatiller :)
keşke yorumlarda kelime doğrulamayı kaldırsan daha kolay yorum yapabilsek, sevgiler.

Fatma Fidan Başaran said...

4 mayıs 2014 blogger buluşmasına katılmak ister misiniz?

fashionsbit said...

Bademle Buduk merhaba, nerden kaldırıldığını bilmiyorum ama bulup kaldırmayı deneyecegim bugun, uyardigin icin tesekkurler:)

Fatma hn merhaba, bu yıl cok mumkun gorunmuyor ancak seneye insallah isterim:)


Yujin Ryeo said...

Love all the metallics! Very pretty :)
I would love it if we stay in touch via bloglovin and gfc! Let me know what you think!

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MITCH said...

love the gold shoes!
sure let's follow each other, I've followed you, please follow me back if you don't mind.


Yujin Ryeo said...

Following now!

boiana.davidkova said...

i love your stripe, thanks for visiting my blog. I follow you:)

dana dimitras said...

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Alissa Gromova said...

Very nice look :)
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Seereena R said...

ived followed you on gfc and bloglovin !
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Rosita Bizerman said...

wow.. you look so cool and chic! but still comfy! love your sneakers!!

sure wanna follow each other-following in GFC (rosita bizerman) and bloglovin, wait for you:)

Rosita Bizerman said...

you look so chic and comfy! love it!
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Alissa Gromova said...

Thanks a lot for your nice comment!
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Sarah Lizabeth said...

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Rebekka Geldbart said...

Love all of these metallic accents paired with stripes! Great look! Thanks so much for stopping by Palm and Peachtree!

xo, Bekka
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Prettytendency said...

Nice look.
Follow for GFC.


Valentina Batrac said...

Just followed you on BlogLovin and GFC,follow back please :)

Tiffanylouisee said...

Lovely!! :)) love your blog!! XxX

Nathan Moy said...

That metallic bag is cool dear, love it.
Glad I clicked on your comment on ATLANTIC PACIFIC's blog and got led back here to yours. Your blog's pics and layouts are great too, keep it up! Just followed on GFC and bloglovin' <3 By the way, I just bought the CHANEL GRAFFITI BOY BAG from the S/S14 RUNWAY SHOW, it's my newest favorite statement bag, please tell me what you think of it!

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Michelle Katherine said...

We can't wait to go on vacation!! We love the combination of the stripes and leather!! Genius styling :)

Anonymous said...

great :) of course we can follow, I followed you on bloglovin and GFC :) Now its your turn :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you sweetie for visiting my blog. :) of course we can follow each other! I joined as your reader via gfc. hope you'll do the same. <3

ThefashionFlite said...

the bag looks marvelous !
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Laura Morrall - LaurasAllMadeUpBlog said...

Lovely outfit! You look great! :)

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Amy Wearhappiness said...

Love the necklace!!
Check out my site :)


Amy Wearhappiness said...

Love the necklace!!
Check out my site :)


Vanessa Billie-Jill-Jean said...

Such a cool look, love this jacket. *__*
Lovely greets Nessa

Olivia Abdelmalek said...

Love the top!

Olivia Abdelmalek

Benish Khan said...

Hi gorgeous, You have a lovely blog with interesting posts, I am now following you via GFC, keep in touch :)x

Bryony Todd said...

So glad I stumbled upon you blog! Love your blog so much! do you wanna follow each other? follow me and I will follow you right back!
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jamie said...

love the jacket! mY mom in from Poland but I have never been.. looks beautiful.


Lenya said...

Lovely casual outfit, trendy and chic at the same time. Love the striped tee. Amazing necklace. Lucky you being on holiday. Enjoy your stay. Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back. Thank you.

Shybiker said...

Pretty necklace and your nails add a nice pop of color.

Plearn Nataricha said...

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Mira Shpak said...

Welcome to the Kiev - Spring City review

eni k. said...

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Riv Elle said...

Gret look & beautiful blog.

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Joy Yiu said...

What a lovely casual outfit! I'm doing a giveaway on my blog if you'd like to check it out x

Anna Tselevich said...

Nevermind! your follow did go through! thank you :)

Anonymous said...

I love your fashion posts! Amazing blog! I follow u via GFC & bloglovin. I would be happy if you follow back:

Amelie said...

Great outfit! I love the combination of stripes and leather and actually in my latest OOTD post I'm wearing a leather jacket and stripes :)Would you like to follow each other on gfc and bloglovin? If you do so, please let me know on my blog so I can follow back.


Gian Carla Tolentino said...

You have amazing photos and bags! <3

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Nery Hdez said...

Nice look doll :)
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