Thursday, September 3, 2015

Goodbye for now!!!

 Children and Executioners should Not live at the same time,either the world must be erased from executioners or to stop any new born- Che Guevara

I will not be around for a long long long time. Cant take how unfair this life can be. This child is found on Turkish coast today while trying to go to Greece (and europe afterwards) on a refugee boat. Just a kid, a baby, an angel. Trying to escape from bombs. The bombs that we all have resposibility! We are all responsible for not doing anything and letting this contunie for years. And the countries who has declared that they can get 50 refugees; go to hell!!!! Thousands are dying everyday in Syria while you are living your Perfect life with all the sources of africa and middle east. 
As I said I cant be around for a long time. Maybe I will never be back. Everything including sharing clothes and food pictures seems very meaningless right now!
Please be aware of the war in Syria. Dont look from the political point of view but see innocent kids are dying everyday... byeee

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Jackie Harrison said...

This is a big devastation and so sad to see and hear. So many had given their back on this situation you brought to light with a caring heart. In the USA their was a donation for Syria refugee camp the money got to them for food and other sources but all of a sudden because the politician had given their back on them the donation stop,so is a problem world wide. My point is I understand where you coming from in feeling down while we have peace this is what's happening.

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