Saturday, November 16, 2013

St.Petersburg Visit !

I have so many  things to write since I haven't been writing for a while. Still I have shared all my sets done at Polyvore; an amazing website and really addictive!

I have been in Russia for a few days last week. Thats my 2. visit to the same city and I think everyone should see St.Petersburg. It is such a great culture and the city has such architecture, I cant explain with words. My first visit was 7 years ago and was totally touristic but second visit was for business purpose so couldn't get enough of sightsee. Also, due to cold weather, I always had to wear a down coat; so yes; no outfit post from Russia:)

But I have a better subject; lets start with what I have eaten:)
Borsch soup with beef. The taste is great; it is a soup with beetroot and they say it is mainly Ukranian. You can find more information about it here. With the soup, I had hamburgers as I didnt know what to have the first day but the amount was so small; I understand why all Russian ladies have rocking bodies:) Even the french fries ordered as side was counted one-by-one.

On another day, I had a total Russian menu, the mushroom soup was gorgeous. As main course; I got a kind of black bulghur but I cant remember what its called in Russian. You can have it with chicken or pork; as side they give yoghurt which is more fatty than we have in usual. Also; they say the bulghur should be with more butter on it. The one I ate was with no butter at all becasue nowadays Russian ladies prefer not to have extra calories; so it was a bit dry but still a good taste. And the drink is their daily drink, that one I could only taste; not suitable for my meditarrean taste. you can have more information about it here; and definetly should be tried during visit.

And lastly; on our way back at the airport, we see TGI Fridays and after 3 days of cold I got all energy I needed for 300 days:) Browni Obsession,hmm yummy! The taste was amazing and really I am happy I don't have TGI Fridays close to my home. With icecream; caramel and chocolate souce on top; it is just amazing; just see the picture below; speaking for itself!

Another post for what I have seen will come shortly. 


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