Sunday, December 15, 2013

Breakfast in Istanbul

If you ever plan to visit Istanbul, pls keep in mind that breakfast is very important in Turkish culture! So you should definetly spare some time for having breakfasts in different places, like to have one definetly by Bosphorus, one by Yesilkoy and one in Besiktas. (I can share my favorite places if you contact me by email.) On weekends, we used to have long breakfasts with family or friends, and by 'long', I mean 2-3 hours at least:) and surely best breakfast will end with a Turkish coffee.

Here are some pictures from one of my favorite breakfast places; Figaro's. It's kind of Meditarrean-Eagean style, based on wide range of herbs that I even cannot say their names, but definetly very healthy and tasty! The only item that is not herb or vegetable is egg, so suitable for vegetarians as well. This restaurant is also on tripadvisor; you can check here. I love coming here four seasons but of course you have an alternative to sit outside in fresh air at springs and summer. In winter indoors is a must!

My favorite is the vegetables&herbs with yogurt and the omlete with herbs. The sweats are also delightful for final touch:) You can have as much tea as you want; it is included to breakfast fee.

I hope you can have this breakfast one day and enjoy as much as I do...

Note: Sorry for picture quality, my phone is so bad indoors :(

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