Monday, December 2, 2013

New Year Preparations.2 - Party Look

The next preparation for New Year night is to find the best dress ever for your body and mood. It is very important to feel yourself comfortable & beautiful as you can never know whats going to happen that night :) 
There are hundreds of options in the market; I tried to make a big variety of selection for you. Pls enjoy and do not hesitate to get in touch with me for any question.

1. Jacqaurd Dresses: As the this fabric is quite thick and stiff in nature; the shapes of dreeses made by this fabric usually have volume.

 1. River Island // 2. Top Shop // 3. H&M // 4. Asos
2. Velvet Dresses: This fabric gives a chic and elegant look to any dress due to shiny nature of surface. Also it keeps you warm so according to place you will be in that night; a dress from this fabric can be your selection.

 1. Asos // 2. Asos // 3. River Island // 4. River Island // 5. Top Shop
3. Leather Dresses: As you may already notice from my other posts, leather is my favorite trend item for a long time. Any item from leather or leather look fabric will make me happy and comfortable. Designers try to add value to leather by using laser cut or combining the fabric with mesh & different stretch fabrics for better fit. These are my selections from too many options.    

 1. Asos // 2. Asos // 3. River Island // 4. River Island // 5. Top Shop
4. Lace Dresses: Always has an elegant look. Different shapes with lace detail dress are on the shelves for lace lovers. Speaking only for myself; I can only wear lace with leather :)
1. Asos // 2. Asos // 3. River Island // 4. River Island

5. Metallic Dresses: Metalic coat is trend for some time; it didnt rock the world like leather or floral trend but still fashion followers have already got an item to their wardrobes. So, here you can find some options of dresses in metalic coat; for the ones who want to shine & rise at the party!  

1. Asos // 2. Asos // 3. Asos // 4. River Island

6. Scater Dresses: The shape is fabulous; looks very young and fun! Asos dresses are made by scuba fabric which gives the shape perfectly to dresses. This fabric is being mainly used at leggings; pencil skirts and dresses these days. Laser cut or snake prints are used on below desings; perfectly applied!

1. Asos // 2. Asos // 3. River Island
7. 20's Inspired Dresses: I hope you all have watched the movie The Great Gatsby. If you haven't yet; I strongly recommend you to watch as soon as possible. Such amazing movie with colours, dreams and glitter. You can feel your self in that movie with one of below dresses.

1. River Island // 2. Asos // 3. H&M

1. Asos // 2. Asos // 3. H&M

8. Body Conscious Dresses: One of top trends in dresses this year. Shape wears and slips are life saver for those who have some extra kilos on:) You can check my selection for the life savers at this post. Enjoy these body-con dresses with your rocking bodies ladies!

1. Asos // 2. Asos // 3. Asos // 4. River Island // 5. River Island

9. Sequin Dresses: Glitter is never enough for New Year parties. So, more glitter, more fun :) Sequin can be applied to any shape of dress; body-con, scatter or cami's. Also, can be applied in any design; aztec, block... etc. Which one would be your favorite?

1. Asos // 2. Asos // 3. Asos

1. River Island // 2. Topshop // 3. Top Shop // 4. Asos

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